Stewardship is central to the vitality of St. Mary's Parish. The faithful and wise steward who is praised by Jesus in the Gospels (Matt. 25:14-30) serves as a model for the kind of commitment and involvement that we seek from parish members. Each of us has been entrusted with gifts from the Lord, not to be hoarded selfishly, but to be used wisely and generously in the service of His Kingdom. Each person is asked to reflect upon his or her gifts and blessings and then to return a portion of those gifts as a sacrificial offering to the Lord. Among our many blessings we recognize that we are stewards of the gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Recognizing that all parishioners are responsible for the spirit and well being of our community life, we will celebrate together in good times, support one another in times of crisis and need, and strive to make every parishioner a partner in our network of pastoral care. There is an annual ministry fair and a stewardship renewal weekend, both taking place in the fall.

Ways to Give: Offertory  |  Faith Direct  |  Donations

As a parishioner, you have several options in how you would like to share your gift of treasure. There is the envelope system, where you receive envelopes at your home that you may use for your offering and place in the offertory basket each week.

Another way many parishioners have chosen is to make a regular donation to the parish through Faith Direct, a company that provides the option of electronic donations, saving one from having to remember an envelope or from having to mail in a contribution while traveling, as well as utilizing the ease of electronic banking. Should you choose to make your contributions in this way you may fill out a form available in the vestibule or sign up online at and use our parish code MD137.

Of course you may always make a donation by simply placing your offering in the basket.

Justice & Service

In James’ letter (2:14), he could be speaking of parish life when he asks, “What good is it to profess faith without practicing it?”

St Mary’s has a long-held reputation of excellence in outreach to those less fortunate and there are many areas in which to get involved in this regard, both in the parish and in the community.  Some of the parish-sponsored options include:

Food baskets - The Knights of Columbus collect and distribute each Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Also, our Youth Group raised money and bought items for Thanksgiving Baskets and distributed them as well.

Visiting Sick and Housebound

Shady Grove Pregnancy Center - The Sodality has fundraisers and makes items to help out the participants at the Center.

Inner-City Youth - A parishioner organizes the collection and distribution of gifts to needy children for Christmas through our Jesse Tree.

Springfield Mental Hospital - A parishioner organizes the collection and distribution of Christmas gifts through our Religious Education program and our Jesse Tree.

Seniors Christmas Dinner - sponsored by our Youth Group invites all senior members to enjoy an afternoon of games and a meal.

Prison Ministry - Parishioners interested in the special ministry visit with inmates on a regular basis to share the Word.