Finance Council

Appointed by the pastor, this group advises the pastor on matters concerning the parish finances. They meet quarterly.

Parish Council

This group of volunteers acts in an advisory capacity to the pastor and staff and represent the parish community as a whole. The Council meets six times a year and provides a multitude of perspectives to the pastor in his efforts to make decisions for the good of the entire parish.

Respect Life

A committee that stays informed on all issues affecting the Respect for Life. They in turn keep the St. Mary’s community informed on the happenings taking place in the area.

Knights of Columbus

A Catholic men’s group, providing them with an outlet for serving, family, youth, church and community through various outreach projects. The Knights meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday throughout the year.  Visit for more information.

A Catholic ladies’ group which encourages following the way of Christ, using Mary, His mother, as their role model. Sodality meets on the First Sunday of each month, October through May.


A Catholic men’s group that support activities of St. Mary’s through dedication in the Holy Name of Jesus. Breakfast meetings are held at 9 am on the second Sunday of each month from September through June in our Pavilion. All men and their sons are invited to join.

Mowing Schedule

Holy Name Society

St. Joseph of Carcasse
Haiti Twinning Parish

St. Mary’s has twinned with St. Joseph’s for several years.  Through your support, St. Joseph’s has:

  • internet access
  • a primary/secondary school
  • qualified teachers
  • supplies for their medical clinic
  • yearly medical missions
  • support for two coffee growers associations. 

Clean water and a rectory are the next items on the list to see happen. To find out more visit To buy coffee visit