Week of October 31, 2016

We have heard from Fr. Verdieu in Carcasse. With some happiness he has re-opened the school. But there is still much hardship.  The people sleep outside who have lost their homes, crops, live stock and more. But he thanks for our support and prayers.

Here is the text he sent today:

From: Paroisse St-Joseph

Hello to all,

 I thank God for all of you and I think of you constantly in my prayers and in the Mass I celebrate. I continue to thank God for you who are always sensitive to the suffering of others. Bless you!

My dearest friends,

After the passage of Matthew cyclone in Haiti, God still asks us to unite and come together to help the community in Carcasse. Indeed this solidarity between the Saint Mary Parish in Barnesville, and Saint Joseph in Carcasse will show the world how we are one in Christ, we are all and all chosen by God. Thereupon Get these thanks from me and the entire carcass of community, which remains in very big trouble!

This community has so many problems after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, I would ask first of all PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER!

And you can help in emergency projects able to help the community recover its peace. When it rains, people have many problems. They lost their homes, they have lost their gardens, their heads of cattles etc ...... ..

With my thanks and my respectful greetings in the Lord!

Fr Verdieu Joassaint
St. Joseph, Carcasse

So let us continue to pray, pray, pray as he asks and give whatever support we can.

In Peace,
Fr. Kevin